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Windspot in Technological university of Penghu

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 Windspot in Technological university of Penghu

Technological university of Penghu in Taiwan impressed with the Windspot’s efficiency

Windspot in Penghu University testingFor more than a month one of our turbines has been tested in the National’s Penghu University testing field in Taiwan. This is a very windy island, which usually suffers extreme winds. It is the ideal place for WINDSPOT and its variable pitch system to show all its full potential. And the best results didn’t take long to show up.

Winspot’s output reached record

The Technological University of Penghu has a testing ground where our WINDSPOT of 3.5 kW competes with dozens of small wind turbines of different manufacturers and different systems.
The people from the University of Penghu are impressed with the excellent output of Sonkyo Energy’s small wind turbine.
In one of those windy days WINDSPOT achieved its record production, reaching 74kW / h in a day. It was also the best output of all the testing ground.

Excellent results turns into a great deal

These favorable results can help a lot in our expansion in the Asian market.
The important agreement that was reached recently with the business group Tatung was largely encouraged by these positive data in the testing field of National Penghu University.
With this agreement Tatung will distribute our small wind turbines in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
The deal includes a commitment to purchase 330 turbines WINDSPOT during the next eighteen months.