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http://australia.windspot.es is the new web of Windspot in Australia

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 http://australia.windspot.es is the new web of Windspot in Australia

Sonkyo Energy launches its new website for WINDSPOT wind turbines available for the Australian public.

New web windspot in AustraliaThe Sonkyo Energy policy of improving communication with clients and suppliers and in its new strategy for international markets has now a new tool:  a website for Australia.

Sonkyo Energy is a company present all over the world that is giving a personalize strategy depending on the relationship and conditions in each market. That is why we offer sales departments and distributors specialized in each area with web pages adapted to each country.

In the case of Australia, there is a firm commitment to increase the use of renewable energy towards the year 2020, under a plan to reduce CO2 emissions that involve the public and private sector.

Just in the best moment when the Australian government is driving initiatives to promote the introduction of small wind turbines to the market, where Sonkyo already counts with extensive experience.

Through the web, http://australia.windspot.es/  you can access all the information in relation with WINDSPOT’s technical and higher performance data, its far easier maintenance, its distributors’ network and a complete explication about its variable pitch system, a patented mechanism by Sonkyo Energy that differentiates WINDSPOT from other turbines on the market and permits to adapt its operation to any wind speed and power.
From this new space you can access to the WINDSPOT social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and try to relate users, distributor and manufacture via these new channels of communication.

You can also visit the WINDSPOT  YouTube channel and check new installations videos, technical characteristics, business reports and Sonkyo charity projects update.

Sonkyo Energy is a Spanish renewable energy company with a global mission. For this reason its website, www.windspot.es  is available in English, French and Chinese as well.