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A new Windspot turning in Denmark

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 A new Windspot turning in Denmark

A new installation of Windspot was inaugurated last week In Denmark thanks to the distributor in the country, LS Stoker which is operated by Lars Sorensen.



Windspot in DenmarcThe installation was made in a private house where a family lives. This is one of the most common applications of the small wind turbines, providing energy from the backyard of a house to a whole family. The design and low noise make the Windspot turbines perfect for houses, companies, farms, schools, etc.

From now on, the Aagaard family who lives in Tolstrupvej street which is located in city of Bronderslev, north of Denmark, will get clean energy thanks to the Windspot recently installed.

The commissioning of the turbine has  awaken a lot of interest in the area as many neighbors, authorities and the press (newspapers, radio and Tv) came to the start up ceremony of the turbine.

Aagaard’s Windspot is the first turbine out of several installations that are programmed in the country for the following weeks. Our distributor, Lars Sorensen from LS Stocker has already sold six Windspot turbines in the area. Denmark is a country with a lot of renewable energy tradition which has been using this renewable technologies from many decades and now is starting with the micro generation for domestic purposes.

With 15 years of experience in the market, Lars Sorensen, has been promoting the advantages of using renewable energy. He is one of the 16  Windspot distributors around the globe and he is in charge of developing the market in Denmark. Please have a look at his webpage: www.lsstoker.dk  in case you live in Denmark and are interested in the Windspot turbines.

You can always have a look at the list of all the Windspot distributors around the world through our webpage www.windspot.es which you can read in Spanish, English, French and Chinese.

Local press

Windspot in Denmarc