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The Small Wind Association of Finland asks for a specific law for small wind turbines.

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Our Windspot, protagonist of Finnish TV news, denounces the unclear laws that are blocking the development of this market.

The small wind turbine market asks for a more specific law in Finland. The unclear laws and the bureaucracy required from some local authorities are discouraging consumers and businesses to invest in small wind power units in several municipalities of Finland.

Finnish TV news has drawn the attention to the battle against bureaucracy some consumers have to face if they want to install a small wind turbine in some municipalities. And the protagonist for this news was a Windspot Small Wind turbine that generates energy for an advertising sign.

The law doesn’t clearly say what kinds of permits are needed for these installations, and depending of the municipality, the requirements have huge differences.

Small Wind Association has denounced the situation, where unclear laws are hindering the development of this market. In Finland there are around 1.100 small wind turbines. Windspot turbines are installed in places like universities and amusement parks around the country.


Finnish SOK market chain is very keen on energy savings in their stores. As their latest hardware store opened on the 1st of March in Nummela, Southern Finland, the company had opted to produce energy themselves. Advertisement lighting is known to use a lot of electricity. As a solution SOK decided to install a 3,5 kW Windspot wind turbine on top of their advertising pylon.

The Windspot turbine will produce enough electricity to light the tower and when the lighting is not used, the wind turbine production will be used in the store.



WINDSPOT osallistuu tänä vuonna yli 20 kansainväliseen messutapahtumaan

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Tuulivoimalamme ovat esillä yli kahdessakymmenessä kansainvälisessä messutapahtumassa ja konferenssissa tänä vuonna.

Ensimmäinen 7,5 kW tehoinen tuulivoimalamme on pystytetty Alicanteen

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Me Sonkyo Energyllä haluamme tutustua paikallisiin ammattilaisiin niissä maissa missä toimimme. Lähetä meille tietoja työkokemuksestasi. The 7.5 kW WINDSPOT prototypes have been generating energy in Alicante for some time.





Sonkyo Energyn toimisto toimii tuulivoimalla.

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Yksi Windspot 1,5kW


tuottaa osan toimistomme käyttämästä energiasta

SONKYO ENERGY esittelee 7,5 kW tehoisen tuulivoimalan Windpower tapahtumassa, toimialan suurimmilla messuilla

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Messut järjestettiin 22.-25. toukokuuta Kaliforniassa ja paikalle olivat kerääntyneet maailman johtavat valmistajat, toimittajat ja jälleenmyyjät.

Windspot in Technological university of Penghu

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Technological university of Penghu in Taiwan impressed with the Windspot’s efficiency

Tatung introduces the small wind turbines Windspot in Taiwan

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TATUNG business group has already begun promoting our turbines WINDSPOT.

Sonkyo Energy headquarters in Cantabria, Spain, have been visited by a representation of Asian multinational TATUNG.

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They have traveled to see our facilities and to know on-site the work in designing, manufacturing and quality control we do over the WINDSPOT wind turbines.


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This coming May 21ST the College of Rio Hondo in California (USA) will host a day dedicated to know our small wind turbines, WINDSPOT, in depth. The meeting will be held in the Technology Building of the College and is aimed at dealers and installers of these mini wind turbines. The session will begin at 9 am.

8 salesmen and technicians specialized in small wind coming from the United States and Spain will detail the features and the installation instructions of the wind turbines WINDSPOT.


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WINDSPOT attends two important events of wind power in Wisconsin, USA.

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Our small wind turbines will be at the Stevens Point Conference and the Energy Fair in Custer.